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PostSubject: Varlgodra    Varlgodra  EmptyFri Dec 31, 2010 3:55 pm

(This has absolutely nothing to do with WoW nor The Forbidden. It is 100 percent made up by myself.)

Since the beginning of time there were three Gods in a different dimension from ours. During their travels for the universe, the three Gods founded a clear spot within space, they discussed it among themselves and agreed to make a new planet. The first God shaped the world, like most, it was a sphere and was covered entirely in water. The second God formed the land, it was completely flat once risen. The third God shaped the lands into mountains, plateaus, pits and more. The three Gods combined power to create an atmosphere around the world. The second God added foliage into the world to allow oxygen. The first God added pieces of rock all around, boulders and such. The third God made gravity on the planet suitable and workable with. The three Gods from there shaped deserts, grasslands, forests, jungles, snow-covered lands and more. Then the creation of world species, they started off with less intelligent species to the most intelligent of species. Then they created an intelligent race unlike any other that stood out from most. The three Gods were pleased with their creation and ultimately called it Varlgodra.

Many millennia later, the most intelligent and greatest race the Gods ever created evolved over time, developing skills on how to fight, how to create weapons and armor, creating structures from the world's supplies. However, few of the species fled their good counterparts and devised a plan to use a God as their own instrument against the rest of Varlgodra. These creatures were only armed with a few weapons and pieces of technology in order to succeed. Over ten decades of time, the Gods returned to the planet to inspect what has gone on over the course of such a long time. The first God introduced himself to the species as R'jun. The second God overlooked the world inspecting for damage the species may have caused over the course of time, thankfully enough, the world was mostly left undamaged. The third God came across the evil counterparts of the species, introducing itself as Ygg'daron. The species played along and when Ygg'daron turned his back ready to go home, the species began corrupting the God, it's pure form becoming a dark form. Chaotic energies began to destroy pieces of the planet, once the transformation was complete, the God transformed those who corrupted it into powerful slaves.

The other two Gods were ready to depart the planet and said their farewells until Ygg'daron came along. The two other Gods were shocked to see what had happened, Ygg'daron began attacking the other two as it's mind was clouded with darkness and could not control itself. The second unidentified God had stopped time then and there and banished Ygg'daron deep within a pit on Varlgodra, chained by purest of energy and unable to escape. The empowered slaves were also contained within and the two Gods watched over the world for the rest of time. The species over countless millennia had evolved so much that a lot of the planet was covered in incomprehensible technologies, blinking lights, mind-controlled transports, unseen weaponry and armory, towering structures unlike any others. Over this course of time the species identified themselves as Rujinians in honor of R'jun. Though they think most of the planet is covered, it is indeed not. There are many parts of the world yet to be seen and discovered. Countless treasures await.

Tes'il, a Rujinian who was seen as the greatest and most powerful Rujinian had been watching over his people for years now. Taking care of his people as if they were his children. Yet, one day, a great hole broke open in the sky and from it a gargantuan meteor had come crashing down into Varlgodra, straight for the Rujinian city. Tes'il did everything in his power to stop the meteor and allow his people to evacuate the city, half of the population had fled until Tes'il could no longer hold the meteor, it slipped and it came crashing straight down at him. A little over half of his people were caught in the massive explosion the meteor caused, shockwaves sent the people flying, scattered around their ruined home city. The people entered their ruined home city and came upon the large crater, there they saw many ruined structures and the body of Tes'il. Everyone mourned the loss of the King and named the crater Tes'il Crater. There, they began rebuilding their ruined homeland around the crater, though some of Tes'il's people had left the city for much darker paths.

Not far the Pit of Ygg'daron were Rujinians who called themselves Ygg'darites. They were devising a plan in order to free the corrupt God, Ygg'daron. The other two Gods were nowhere to be found so the Ygg'darites went and scattered around the pit of Ygg'daron looking for a way to remove the barrier holding Ygg'daron and his council. One of them found a way to release Ygg'daron, they went through a series of tunnels and found a switch encased by pure energy, the Ygg'darites prayed to their corrupt God to lend them strength to remove it, their wish was granted and thus the barrier was removed when one of the Ygg'darites hit the switch. The barrier was broken, the first to come out were the council members and then Ygg'daron. Ygg'daron coldly thanked the Ygg'darites and spared their lives, flying to a dark mountain to hatch a scheme that would rid itself of the other two Gods so it may lord over the entire world. The mountain was re-created and formed a dark palace for Ygg'daron. The mountain was called Life's End as it seemed fitting to Ygg'daron...

Over the course of centuries, Tes'ilia, the grand city built around Tes'il Crater had grown into a wealthy location. The Rujinians formed a council of five of the most powerful of their kind. One of the council members, namely Gu'jan, had found out Ygg'daron was freed from it's prison. The council discussed the situation among themselves and decided they would tell all of Tes'ilia. Gu'jan himself gave the speech, the Rujinians were worried but Gu'jan urged them to remain calm and confident that this will be dealt with and that they would contact R'jun. The council sent Gu'jan off to seek out their worshipped God, R'jun. Gu'jan equipped his armor and weaponry, packed his bags and left Tes'ilia on a mission to contact the God, R'jun.It was their only hope of containing Ygg'daron once again. Over the course of weeks, Gu'jan stumbled upon an abandoned camp. It was dark and unsettling, but Gu'jan had to use it for the night, little did he know that Ygg'darites were stalking him and once Gu'jan dropped his guard, the Ygg'darites knocked him unconscious and took them to Life's End. There, once Gu'jan woke up, he was in Ygg'daron's presence. Gu'jan did everything in his power to try and destroy Ygg'daron, the God just laughed and sucked the information out of him, killing him outright. Ygg'daron was intrigued and cackled, it echoed throughout his lair and he sent his Ygg'darites to Tes'ilia where they would go to war with the Rujinians.

For decades, Ygg'darites have been invading the Rujinian empire of Tes'ilia, over this course of time, Ygg'daron used his spare Ygg'darite servants to build up a ship of gargantuan proportions. Most of the ship now called the Ruj'enan Destroyer, titled that as it's purpose would be to destroy all Rujinians on Varlgodra, is complete. The Ygg'darites are focusing on one more important part, the engines. At Tes'ilia, the Rujinians are barely holding their own against the Ygg'darites, the leader of the Rujinians, Ne'toz, was praying for their beloved God, R'jun to return. Just as all hope was lost, the second God revealed itself and nearly wiped the Ygg'darites out, those who survived fled back to Life's End with the second God hot on their tail. Once the second God had gotten to Ygg'daron, a fierce battle of the Gods broke out, the Ygg'darites and Rujinians alike could see the battle in space, the battle raged on for a while until Ygg'daron sent the second God flying down to Varlgodra, Ygg'daron followed close behind to follow up his finishing move until the second God froze time and stopped itself, fleeing from the battle and unfreezing time again, Ygg'daron slammed into the dirt of Varlgodra and caused a massive crater, yet smaller than Tes'il Crater. Ygg'daron swore he would destroy the other two Gods.

Nearly a decade later, the large battlecruiser was finished. Once it was finished, Ygg'daron piloted the massive warship to the Rujinian empire, upon arriving, Ygg'darites on the ground fled back and Rujinians looked up to the sky in terror. Hundreds of cannons began to open fire upon Tes'ilia. As the Rujinians were slaughtered, Ne'toz could do nothing but hope and pray that R'jun would return. Ygg'daron prepared the final shot, sticking two arms into ports and channeling it's energy, the biggest cannon charged up and fired at Tes'ilia. When the smoke cleared, Ygg'daron was less than pleased to see a barrier formed up around the city, made of pure energy. R'jun showed itself and unleashed a devastating attack against Ygg'daron and his Ygg'darites. The battlecruiser was severely damaged and Ygg'daron piloted it back to Life's End. R'jun did not follow and healed the Rujinians with his power, the Rujinians bowed down and worshipped their God. R'jun left them to attend to urgent matters and the Rujinians once again began rebuilding their glorious empire of Tes'ilia.

The Rujinian Empire of Tes'ilia has once again grown into a wealthy location, the Rujinians themselves have taken it up a level by constructing multiple shield batteries all around the city in order to protect it from the Ygg'darites, they've also created a number of warships for defense against the Ygg'darite's battlecruiser, the R'uj'enan Destroyer. They have also constructed a capital ship now known as 'Tes'il's Wrath'. Not a very original name, but it suits it as their glorious leader taught them their ways and continues to guide them in spirit. Though the Rujinians don't know it, R'jun watches over the Rujinian Empire in case Ygg'daron ever makes another move like he did last time. The council of the Rujinian Empire grow evermore worried knowing that Ygg'daron is still loose and newly appointed leader, Ne'toz has taken into serious consideration, an attack on Life's End. However, an attack like that would require more firepower than they already possess. An age for battle-hardened warriors has arisen. Now, it falls to them to lead their people to a brighter path on Varlgodra.

From a distance, no matter where anyone was, they could hear the mighty Ruj'enan Destroyer powering up, Life's End opened up and the mighty battlecruiser slowly lifted off from the top. The battlecruiser began piloting it's way to Tes'ilia as warships from the Rujinian capitol took off and headed towards Life's End. The ships met in the middle and a war broke out causing widespread destruction. As the airship battle continued, the Ruj'enan Destroyer furiously devastated the Rujinian fleet, it once again prepared to fire it's massive cannon. As Ygg'daron prepared, a rift above the mighty battlecruiser began to open. Once the rift opened, a massive ship came through and crashed down on top of the battlecruiser causing it to plummet to the planet soil. More rifts appeared and more massive ships slammed into Varlgodra, the Rujinians and Ygg'darites retreated, despite the fact Ygg'daron was stuck in the Ruj'enan Destroyer. After at least 15 ships crashed, the battle seemed to be over, but for how long and what has happened to the mighty Ygg'daron?

Varlgodra  Adnimi10

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