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 Krizenix's log.

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Krizenix's log.  Empty
PostSubject: Krizenix's log.    Krizenix's log.  EmptySun Dec 12, 2010 8:02 am

First day of ressurection log 1,
I'm alive with gramps, it's cold, and we settled with some forsaken troops in Northrend. I am brought life again to possibly serve my duty one last time, or just to live life. I'm a veteran in the Forsaken army, I'm possibly over 100,000 years old now. They said the fall of deathwing already passed, bless whoever did it. Gramps and I served Sylvanas and we are serving her again by.. Cooking? We work the kitchen just cutting up the meat for passing by orc sea dogs to work out a room for the night. The troopers respect me though, not just for being a veteran, but a frontline trooper. I was there when the line needed to be advanced, and I seen the dirtiest of the dirty. They gave me a sword for the heck of it, I slept that night hoping to find a home.

Second day of ressurection log 2
Oh my dark lady... What do these mothers feed to these elves now a days. More lustful then ever, and looking around Dalaran they are just popping them out. We stayed there for only a few days then left to Vengeance landing and settle there. Along the way we saw a few feirce warriors by the name of "Templars". I was confused and held my sword tightly as they passed by. We say eye to eye that Tauren and I. The Templar took us out for a drink near his outpost, we shared stories, and became hell of friends. The tavern seemed a bit, light and peaceful unlike most places I would prefer. The templar hand a rugged look, he was big and rather kind only to the fighting kind. He enjpyed my fighting skills I demontrated on this husband that can't seem to know when no means no to a lady. Later the Templar told me his name was Bruteus. Rencox and I was recruited.

A month after my ressurection log 3,
We came upon the Templar base, it was brighter and Rencox and I had to adjust to the dehabilitating light. We trained day and night, 24/7, with as much effort as we could. I stood out to most of the recruits mostly because I'm undead. I still wore my Forsaken gear with pride, and I always will. One morning a recruit critisized my tabard and spat on it... I took him by the collar and slammed him into the ground crushing his spine, then I through him into the weapons rack. At that day no one looked at me, only Rencox and maybe Bruteus. I was becoming an outcast. It made me want to go back to The Forsaken Army if I wasn't needed, nor appreciated here, but I signed a contract and need to do my tour of duty. This will be my final log until I can write more later.
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Krizenix's log.
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