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 Requiem of the Damned ((Project Switched))

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Erebos Soulbane
The Damned
Erebos Soulbane

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PostSubject: Requiem of the Damned ((Project Switched))   Requiem of the Damned ((Project Switched)) EmptyWed Nov 24, 2010 12:15 am

((Hello everyone, Erebos Soulbane aka Phillip Posante here with a brand new series brought to you by Evil Corp™ this story is an ongoing project of mine that is updated whenever I am in the mood to write so expect more content as I go suggestions and criticism is welcome. Have fun reading!))


The building was silent as Keith picked up his recorder and spoke silently into the recording device as he shivered in the corner keeping close in the shadows. “Log ten, these monsters they began to spread more frequently on the population of Frontgate town causing more than seventy percent of the population to disappear with increasing percentages daily. I fear that there is no hope in harming these creatures as we are all to be condemned soon enough.” Keith clicked the recorder shutting the recording off as he stood up and walked to the door opening and stealthily sneaking out into the hallway. Looking for a place of salvation he grasped his flashlight as he walked down the corridors leading him to the unknown until there was a blink of light. Keith rushed quickly down the hallway drawing closer to the light in each passing step in hope of salvation. Finally, as Keith drew closer to the light he stopped to investigate. The illumination started to dim with each passing step as a image started to come into focus. Rushing at elevated speed he ran up to what appeared to be the remnants of what appeared to be a person skewered onto a crucifix. Keith stepped closer as he glanced around looking for any signs of movement in the darkness. Keith drew his flashlight as he shined it at the body strapped to the cross seeing the diminished form of what he knew to be his old colleague and friend. Almost immediately, Keith dropped his flashlight in alarm as the plastic plummeted to the ground causing the light to go out. Panic spread through him as he began to relentlessly search for his flashlight in the gloom shadows. Eventually, Keith grasped the flashlight on the floor standing up as he began to turn the light on. However, as he did a face with grotesque and out worldly features emerged from the shadows and stared down at Keith. Hastily Keith began to try to break off into a run right before he was seized by the creature’s bladed arm which speared right through his body as his blood gushed to the remaining floor. Keith’s recorder and flashlight fell to the floor as the flashlight began to flicker on and off eventually diminishing the remaining light left in the battery.
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Requiem of the Damned ((Project Switched))
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