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 [SUCCESS] [ASSASSINATION] Outer Karazhan Town

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PostSubject: [SUCCESS] [ASSASSINATION] Outer Karazhan Town    [SUCCESS] [ASSASSINATION] Outer Karazhan Town  EmptyTue Mar 13, 2012 3:35 am

*A Large post on the Bounty Board is seen, written by Mothrazor*
Description: Alright, I've had enough of this. For a whole month now, My experiments have been stolen, destroyed, or have crumbled into nothingness right before me and my apothecaries eyes. My suspicions lie within the reagents we use. Someone has tampered into -MY- experiments, and I want them stopped. The key area in the reagent trade for something like this to happen, would have to be from up above, in the destroyed Karazhan Town that now acts as a scouting and barracks position, aswell acts as our apothecaries reagent testing facility to see, weather or not, they have been tampered with. Well, it HAS to be one of them up above, there is no question about it. I want someone to figure out who this damned perpetrator is, and kill him or her.

Note: To figure out who it is, you're going to have to ask around the entire area, question key people. HOWEVER, if you are seen questioning exact questions, then you'll be seen as to have suspicion, and no one will answer you truthfully. Be, COMPLETELY subtle about your questions. Another thing, once you find the target, kill it as silently as you can.

Name: Unknown.

Location: Outter Karazhan

Alvive has comepleted this assassination successfully. He will recieve a potent blade poison when it is finished as a reward

[SUCCESS] [ASSASSINATION] Outer Karazhan Town  MothrazorS
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