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 Nightmare Incarnate W.I.P

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PostSubject: Nightmare Incarnate W.I.P   Nightmare Incarnate W.I.P EmptyFri Apr 01, 2011 9:47 pm

This is my new little project of mine I just started today on April 1st, 2011, so the story will be continuously updating upon my leisure. Any mistakes or and opinions given on this story can be made or if you have any suggestions on what to add or who to add into this story. This is Forbidden exclusive at the moment until I actually work more onto this little project of my little story.. Also, all opinions can be negative or positive because I love critics <3. Finally, I will stop rambling on now and begin the story. Have fun reading.

NIGHTMARE INCARNATE Prologue. (Phillip Posante W.I.P)
Unable to control myself I ran down the corridors quickly ignoring the surrounding scene. Reaching a dead-end of a hallway I came to a stop by being greeted by a lone white door surrounding the dark halls which are standing out than the rest. Hesitantly I look at the bizarre door before turning around to a crashing noise as I looked into the darkness as it began looming quickly to my position. I grabbed a hold of the knob on the side of the door attempting to twist the doorknob to slam it open to flee from the incoming shadow. However, the door remained sealed. Screaming as loud as I could I begin to kick and pound trying to break the hinges off the door. Proving futile the darkness was approaching behind me now as I soon began to tiredly yield to my own fate seconds away to my demise. I curled into a ball next to the door feeling ultimately weak, defeated, and powerless to act. Horrendous images feel my consciousness as the wave of shadow rushes over me consuming myself in the black plague with my skin crawling everywhere. Mortified I feel my body ache in pain with red liquid flowing onto the pavement. Then after a few moments I feel nothing now just as the shadow around the room covers the room and the white door. Emitting a faint glow from inside I look at the hundreds of grins watching over myself before I drift off into the darkness as a husk. The faint glow continues as the knob of the door twists slowly making clicking noises as the faint glow increases. White light emerges from the darkness as the door opens with a blinding light covering everything.

Chapter 1: Wake Up Call
The alarm goes off almost immediately the sounds “Beep, Beep” filling the room. I wake up startled thrusting my head on top of the bunk bed. “Ouch!” Rubbing my head I look around confirming what I had dreamt wasn’t factual. I place my palm onto my forehead as the sweat dripping down from my skin. Suddenly, a knock comes from my door which no one had possibly even considered painting in years. I begin to get dressed as I stumble forward gripping the door knob. Twisting the knob the door makes a licking noise as the sun shines inside momentarily blinding me in the process. Kyle looks at with a smirk as he watches me recover from my dazed state.

“Hey Anthony, how you’ve been doing running those experiments of yours?” Rubbing my eyes I look at Kyle with a weary look on my face. “Well, not exactly the most probable outcome. My laptop had fried earlier on me, so exactly you pretty much came over to just check on our project?” I said raising an eyebrow. Kyle began to look at me with the silliest expression a person could craft. Narrowing my eyes I begin looking at his face. “Perhaps you could be clearer on your intentions when you grin like that as you seem to have a plan of scheme.” Kyle chuckled rubbing the back of his neck as he began to speak enthusiastically. “Well, you remember my daredevil adventures I used to do in California, right?” Crossing my arms I shake my head in disproval. “Your foolhardy “adventures” last time nearly cost me a good one way ticket into prison!” Kyle merely shrugged and continued to speak. “Trust me, Anthony, this time it’ll be different.” I looked at Kyle with antipathy. “Different? Will it be to the point that the police will not be involved right?” Kyle nodded pulling out a piece of paper from his backpack. “Okay, listen to this. One of the architects from Oni Exploration had offered us a contract to accompany them on an expedition. I looked at Kyle with disbelief. “Wait, an expedition? How exact did you crawl your way into getting a contract with someone like them?” Kyle grinned wickedly. “I have my own special ways.” I scratched my head in confusion. “Oni Exploration is one of the upmost premier organizations in permissible research. Do you know someone specifically that would give us access?” My onslaught of questions continued as Kyle simply rolled his eyes walking inside before he sat onto the couch appearing amused. Kyle spoke softly explaining in a calm voice. “Anthony, this contract was given to me from the owner, Alexander Von Herald II. The reason he had invite us was because of the last operation we ran during the festival.” I sighed walking back inside and sitting on the other couch across from him. Sitting back I crossed my hands over my chest. “Okay, if what you are saying is true we’re going to go across possibly¬ the world to excavate some ruins for fortune?” Kyle nodded quickly placing the contract onto the table. “All we need to do is sign the dotted line.” He said. Looking thoroughly and carefully at the contract I began to search for every detail or holes that lies hidden inside the agreement. Incapable of finding any flaws I pulled out a quill from the table dipping it in black ink handing it to Kyle. Kyle took the quill quickly causing some ink to splash onto the carpet he decisively signs his name in cursive letters with the name Kyle Bailey. I take a quill of my own looking deep at the contract hesitantly I begin to also sign my name thinking to myself as if I foolishly sold my soul to the Devil.

Chapter Two: Devil’s Walk
Writing in my journal I look outside observing the passing traffic zooms by since I live next to the main intersection. I grab my backpack and placing the journal inside before slinging it over my shoulder.
After getting prepared for the trip I open the screen and rays of light shining in the sky shine down upon me. I tread to my car grasping the key before unlocking the driver’s seat. Once inside I place the key into the ignition twisting it to the right in attempt to start up the engine. The car revved, but did not start. Attempting again I perform the same actions with the key hoping that I would not miss the conference. Finally after numerous times the engine began to roar loudly before I started pulling the gear into reverse. Traveling to the headquarters felt like hour maybe even literally.
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Nightmare Incarnate W.I.P
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